Shortened attention spans demand that any ad campaign make a quick impression, or the opportunity to engage the consumer will quickly pass.

Striking displays with powerful visual elements, such as websites, and visual media such as print ads should not only be visually appealing. This means that ads on the Internet, in print media, and on modern billboards must immediately catch the attention of prospective clients and hold that attention long enough to make an impact. When performed correctly these types of campaigns can experience massive success, they do however have to target the right people. Experiential marketing is a way to remedy this by creating a direct connection between consumers and products.The purpose of experiential marketing is also diverse, companies may want to specifically engage customers so that they get a feel for a product. Marketers practicing experiential marketing should make sure to properly promote the event that allows consumers to test the products so that others can see the positive reactions of consumers.

Experiential marketers control the environment in which this happens to some degree, but they want the consumer to make his own judgments about the product or service.